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I decided to create this for the sole purpose of ranting. I needed somewhere to voice my opinions. Many of you will not agree with me, but i'm not here for you; i'm here for me. You can expect anything to be said here. If I have an opinion, I will most likely rant about it. This is my little home away from home. This is where I put my thoughts into words. You can also expect lots of grammer mistakes, and typing errors. I will do my best to look over what i am typing, but for the most part, I don't exactly care. I am not very old, therefore I am not very wise, so expect nothing magical and brilliant. Well, let this be the begining of my blog.

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Monday, March 14, 2011

"Religious Happenings"

I've been hearing so much about peoples prayers coming true. Apparently this proves god exists. I just want to clear this up, if one prayer out of millions, if not billions is answered, this does not, I repeat, DOES NOT prove god exists. I do believe miracles happen. Nothing magical, nothing god like, just simple, beautiful miracles.

"We are so thankful that out daughter has survived the cancerous tumor that has infested her body, we are so thankful to GOD for saving her life."

I hate to break the religious party thats going on here, but you should be thanking the doctors and nurses that saved your child's life. Enough of this religious bullshit being placed in everyday life. God gets too much recognition for doing nothing, while the real life heroes, who are saving lives on a daily basis get minimal recognition.

Now that was just a made up example, but i'm sure a simple google search will provide a mass amount of websites with people thanking god for all sorts of stuff, that other humans should have been thanked for.

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