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Saturday, March 26, 2011

More Wallpapers (Dual Monitors)

Few more panorama's I took while in Churchill, Manitoba. Sadly don't have any with Polar Bears in them. Also took the same one I made a post about not so long ago, but added a little "vibrance" to it. Actually added some to each of these photos.

Go ahead and use them, share them, edit them, whatever. Just try and remember to give me credit for them, haha. I know they aren't professional, but I thought I should share them anyways.

(Sizes aren't perfect, as I originally did not take them for wallpaper use so edit as needed)

(EDIT: It seems ImageShack downsized all the full sized photos since I first posted. I will try to fix this asap)

Panorama 1 (5000x2224) Preview:

Download: ImageShack Panorama 1

Panorama 2 (7000x2421) Preview:

Download: ImageShack Panorama 2

Panorama 3 (6000x2270) Preview:

Download: ImageShack Panorama 3

Panorama 4 (7000x2266) Preview:

Download: ImageShack Panorama 4

Friday, March 25, 2011

Neutron Beams, oh shit.

Tokyo Electric Power Company has stated that they have observed 13 neutron beams. The beams had a low radioactive rating though, meaning they weren't particularly dangerous.

Typically you will see a neutron beam when fission is occurring, but TYPICALLY fission only occurs inside the protective core. So this could potentially mean fission is occurring outside of the core, meaning that the core could be breached.

Also, this was happening at Reactor 2 I believe. Now I've heard Reactor 1 as well. So its one of those ones.This could mean uranium and plutonium are going through nuclear fission OUTSIDE of the containment core.

I sure hope that's not the reason, because if it is, Bill Nye is right, cement these reactors in NOW.

Don't get to worried though, so far its all speculation.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

BP Still Doing What They Do Best....

Thousands of people who were hired to help clean up the Gulf Oil Spill are now becoming severely ill and or dieing. Lots of them are suffering from severe neurological damage. BP is denying all claims that it is their fault, or that the reason these people are getting sick is due to the oil spill.

One female, Jennifer Rexford is documenting her health as is degrades over time.

One of the videos:

Her channel: JMRexford

Guess it's just a typical oil company. Does not surprise me. How do all you feel about stuff like this?

Monday, March 21, 2011

Silly Coalition Forces....

Now, I am all for removing Gaddafi and letting the Libyans elect a completely new government into power, but I think I noticed a slight mistake on the part of the coalition forces...

Rather then start bombing random targets to scare the Libyan military, wouldn't it of been much smarter to just kill Gaddafi WHILE they knew where he was?

It seems to me that this is playing out just like the war in Iraq began.. Now that they have scarred Gaddafi, god knows where the hell he is, and how deep a cave he is living in now.

Chances are it's going to take ground forces to try and find him. Oh right, that's how they had to do it in Iraq too.. Hopefully the opposition forces will track him down, or it may be like Bin Laden, and we never see him again.


Saturday, March 19, 2011

United States Helping Libya Again... Wait a Second

So United States is leading the coalition forces into Libya. Britain, France and Canada have fighter jets flying over Libya ensuring the "no-fly zone" is met by both rebel fighters and Gaddafi forces. The U.S however is in charge of launching Tomahawk cruise missiles to take out anti-aircraft installments around Libya. So far about ~110 missiles have been launched from submarines and warships along the coast.

But wait a second, wasn't it the U.S/France/Britain that are the reason Gaddafi is the man in charge? Actually, isn't it because of them, most of the middle east is in complete unrest?

Yes, indeed it was. Way back in 1919, and around there shorty after WWI, these nations decided to divvy up all the former territories of the Ottoman Empire (Middle East) because they knew of the economic possibilities that existed in this area. (OIL!!!!11) Now after choosing their favorite areas, they started installing their own leaders in the areas they took. Egypt got a nice British-installed king, Iran got a nice pro-British ruler, Iraq was involved too.

Now the Arab nations didn't exactly like this, so now we have a military coup in Egypt, which leads to Mubarak becoming ruler later on. Uprisings in Iran force the leader out and the imams become the supreme rulers. Today, Iran remains in control by the imams, and who could have guessed, they are violently anti-western. Iraq is then taken over by the Ba'ath part, which leads to Saddam Hussein becoming ruler, until the U.S came back and kicked him out.

The best part of it all though is that it was all done for oil, and none of the Western nations took a look at Saudi Arabia, simply because it was a sea of sand. Oops, they might of made a slight mistake on that one.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Canada and the Nuclear Issues

So, watching CBC for some reason (yet to figure out why) and they are reading off some warnings from the Canadian government for all the Canadian citizens in Japan. There is no advisory letting people know that leaving the country would be safest, because apparently Canada's data doesn't show the Nuclear situation as that dangerous yet.

Hurr to the durr, way to be Government of Canada. Obviously its not that dangerous yet, every country on planet Earth agrees with that and understands it. That's not the reason other countries are evacuating their citizens. Its due to the fact that this could potentially turn into a severe Nuclear crisis and its best to be a good distance from Japan.

(By "obviously its not that dangerous yet", i'm comparing the current Nuclear situation to what it COULD become. Obviously it is dangerous, but not near as bad as it could get)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dual Monitor Desktop?

Need a wallpaper for it? (Preview below, full image in link provided)

Feel free to use this panorama I took while up in Churchill, Northern Manitoba, Canada.

Full sized image can be found here: ImageShack Churchill Panorama

(9000 x 2913 px - Edit size as needed)