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Monday, March 14, 2011

Everyone has forgotten about 2004?

I love watching the news, and of course the most popular story right now is the one taking place in Japan, after the 8.9 earthquake, and the intense tsunami that has hit the coast. It is extremely amazing to see the power of mother nature, but at the same time, saddening to see the loss of life, which is expected to have already surpassed 10,000.

With this though, I look back to 2004, when the Indian Ocean Tsunami hit Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, and other places killed over 230,000 people.

Has everyone forgotten about this?


KingKill said...

a whole country is going down due to radioactivity. but 2004 was worse, i agree

LazyTheKid said...

No one has forgotten about it but it was 6 years ago. This is currently happening. I'm sure there will be correlations made between the two.

OFCHokkaido said...

Awesome post. I'm gonna be checking in on this blog often. Great content

eXo said...

Yeah I guess it is still a bit early to use "forgotten"

Chris said...

I actually forgot about this aswell :(. This goes to show you how much the media plays a roll in our lives

tissue rejection said...

I was thinking somewhat of the same thing not too long ago.