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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wikileaks Internet War

So recently, many companies have begun denying Wikileaks access to things such as hosting, banking services, monetary funds, etc. This has caused quite the stir in the online world.

I consider myself pro-Wikileaks so I obviously do what I can to aid Anonymous and "it's" pledge to to aid Wikileaks. They have DDoS'ed quite a few websites to date. Those such as www.paypal.com (breifely took down the blog), www.postfinance.ch - a swedish banking site (has been down for at least 20+ hours, and is still down as I am writing this post), www.advbyra.se - a swedish law firm website that is currently down, and has been for quite some time.

Other then that, when I am at a computer I try and read some new articles on the current happenings, but damn, all I seem to get is a laugh reading the pathetic news articles on sites such as FoxNews, and other professional news agencies that lack any technical knowledge. Its quite embarrassing, as I don't consider myself extremely technically advanced, but I can tell you DDoS'ing a website is not a "hack attack".

Get in the hive gentlemen.

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