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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Polar Bear Capital of the World

So, spent most of my summer in Churchill, Manitoba. The polar bear and beluga whale capital of the world. This has to be one of the most amazing trips I have been on, even comparable to Europe. Although I didn't go for a holiday, it was amazing. I was actually up there working at the Port of Churchill. It was a good time. Had its ups and downs.

Anyways, Churchill itself is absolutely stunning. I come from a small town myself, so I could relate to the small size of Churchill. The only big difference is you are quite a distance from society itself, way up in northern Canada.

Got to see quite a bit of wildlife, including the belugas and the polar bears. Its quite surreal when you are sitting in your vehicle, mere feet from one of the worlds largest land mammals. They looked so soft, but damn, I sure wasn't getting out of my vehicle to find out.

Other then wildlife, the rest of the beauty came from the landscape/scenery. It was gorgeous. Take a drive along the scenic gravel road heading the the Northern Studies Center and you can see anything, ranging from a crashed cargo plane, a shipwrecked "Ithica" and even polar bears! Beautiful doesn't even begin to explain the northern beauty I never knew existed. There were times when I could sit in my vehicle looking out of the window (hard to leave the vehicle because of the blackflies) and just stare out over the land. Ah, I wish I could be back there. I do miss the people back home, but hopefully next summer I will be heading up again to work, before I leave for Australia!

Guess I'll close this post off with some pictures.

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