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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Lets clear things up regarding the current "Cyberwar"

To all the media outlets, and anyone who doesn't understand, that may read this blog. The people doing the DDoS'ing are NOT, I repeat, NOT "hackers".

Press/Media - for the love of god, stop using the terms "hacktivists", "hackers", "hacking", "hack", ETC. The majority of users in the IRC, are NOT hackers, and wouldn't be able to hack into a damn open wireless network. There are obviously many who are skilled, and could possibly hack into sites, but DDoS'ing is NOT hacking.

Wiktionary definition of hacking:
"Unauthorized attempts to bypass the security mechanisms of an information system or network."
A Distributed Denial of Service is just an attack on a network. It is not hacking, bypassing security, etc. It is simply just a brute attack.

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