What To Expect

I decided to create this for the sole purpose of ranting. I needed somewhere to voice my opinions. Many of you will not agree with me, but i'm not here for you; i'm here for me. You can expect anything to be said here. If I have an opinion, I will most likely rant about it. This is my little home away from home. This is where I put my thoughts into words. You can also expect lots of grammer mistakes, and typing errors. I will do my best to look over what i am typing, but for the most part, I don't exactly care. I am not very old, therefore I am not very wise, so expect nothing magical and brilliant. Well, let this be the begining of my blog.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Its been quite some time.

I have had much to rant about, but have either been to busy to post it, or to lazy to get on here, haha. I hope to get some ranting going soon, and I hope there are a few people who will actually read it, haha, but "whatevz", I just love to rant.

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