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Monday, December 8, 2008

Democratic Republic of Congo?

Well, I was doing homework the other day, and the news was on in the background, and that is when I heard that the European Union, was going to meet and possibly make plans to occupy Congo, because of the civil war. This is a good idea and all, attempting to get rid off the rebel groups, and maybe give some of the refugee's some of their life back. It seems to me though, that maybe entering Rwanda, or Uganda, would be a better idea. It seems that the genocide that has taken place in these areas, has not yet ended. And what about the child soldiers. Well, I guess Congo most likely also has them, but it seems that Rwanda has been in much greater need of an occupying foreign army for a longer period of time. From what i've heard, learned and have been told, nothing was done in an attempt to save the hundreds of thousands that were slaughtered here. Don't forget the millions still stuck in camps. Well, I guess not NOTHING, was done, peace keepers were sent to the region, but what can they do. They keep the peace, not make it, and when there was no peace to be kept, what good were they. Maybe the U.S would be better off helping Africa re-build, rather then destroying Iraq, and stealing it's oil. But if oil is the only reason they are there, then maybe they could move next door to Afghanistan and increase the U.S troop count there and to fight the true war on terrorism, along side the Canadians and many other foreign countries. Back on topic though, Congo is a place in great need of foreign help, I just think they shouldn't JUST focus on it.

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